Saturday, November 3, 2012


Some newcomers might think it is quite a jump from working in the journalism industry to seeking a career in public relations; I would beg to differ.

For quite some time, Journalism and PR have battled against each other but I believe that both share similar qualities and neither could survive without each other. PR uses the media as a tool to share their client’s stories and to get a message out; Journalists defend the public’s best interest. Both fields seek to deliver key messages that are of interest to others and they equally understand how to relate and communicate well to the public in order to successfully deliver those messages. Most importantly, each share very similar morals and ethical obligations to the wider public.  It is time to stop viewing it as one VERSUS the other and better understand the true us AND them relationship.
Although it is ancient thinking, some journalists still look at Public Relation Practitioners as spin doctors and view PR as the dark side. Despite the primordial thinkers, I do believe that both industries are beginning to better understand what each other does. The building of stronger relationships is heading both industries in the right direction to hopefully one day end the rivalry and allow them to see how they could benefit from having great ties with one another. After all, both industry professionals have extensive networks that could be beneficial to each other down the road in their separate fields of work… not to mention they both enjoy a great drink out after the work day is over!
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