Thursday, November 1, 2012


Welcome! This is a new blog dedicated to my journey along a new education and career path in Public Relations. I will primarily be writing blog posts for my instructor for a class assignment (Hi, Tim!) but I certainly hope to gain the interest of aspiring PR professionals who will hopefully find my posts useful, good or bad.

I have previously graduated with a diploma in Photojournalism, learning newspaper and documentary photography and key reporting skills. I briefly worked in the news industry as a photo editor for a company that had a long list of great newspapers across Canada and feel very privileged to have had that opportunity. I had the chance to meet many great photographers, writers and editors over the past couple of years and gained invaluable skills that I would never take back.

Looking at my personal long term plan, the newspaper industry wasn’t an ideal fit and I had a desire for a profession in communications that could offer long term industry stability. After much research, Public Relations seemed like a great fit. After all, it is one of the fastest growing industries!

At the moment, I have a strong desire to head down the path of media relations within the sports industry. Combining my previous media experience, my love for sports photography and sporting events, media relations seems like an ideal match. I have a long road ahead of me and will continue to keep my options open while studying but I believe it is still beneficial to have some direction mapped out.
There are many various opportunities in PR and I will consider and research each one along the way. I will continue to share updates, thoughts and lessons learned as I travel down a new road! I can guarantee there will be road blocks and detours along the way but hope my lessons learned will be of some interest and value to you.

Hope you enjoy the ride!

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